What we do

What we do

TTTech Auto Iberia provides solutions for the challenges of future vehicle generations. The company specializes in safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving and beyond, applicable in series production programs.

With our leading technology solutions, we ensure safety and electronic robustness for a more automated world, currently automated driving level 3 but working to achieve level 4 and 5.

TTTech Auto Iberia know-how is in SW development and proven solutions for automated driving, operating under the umbrella of the TTTech Auto Company (TTTech Group).

Automotive technology is changing day by day. Autonomous driving is a reality and currently automated driving level 3 is offered in various new vehicles. We integrate and configure C-embedded software running on AUTOSAR for autonomous driving platform.

For that, we cover several processes of the Software Lifecycle such as the requirements analysis, the design of the architecture of the system, the modelling of the software, the configuration of the basic software and drivers, the programming and debugging activities and the software components test.



TTTech Auto Iberia opens a new office in Madrid, Spain.


Silicon Gears SL. is now TTTech Auto (company which operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group and was set up as an independent company in 2018). One of the main projects was the development and delivery of a safe and secure platform software for the HCP1 ECU. This was targeted as the main chassis and powertrain ECU in the HCPx family based on the E3 architecture.


Silicon Gears SL. opens its second office in Barcelona. One of the main projects was the centralization into a single board, the increasing number of ECU in the car. The central unit enabled a variety of systems in the car: from the infotainment system to high-level and safe-critical functionalities for autonomous driving.


Silicon Gears SL. opens its first office in Barcelona. One of the main projects was within the Network ECU team, where we developed a high performance gateway with 10 CAN channels and 7 Ethernet channels.


Silicon Gears SL. was created by Xavier Tisaire and established in Barcelona, Spain, as TTTech Group SW development partner. A team of 4 started to work from Vienna.

Technical Stack...

ADAS, Autosar Classic, Autosar Adaptive, ISO 26262, ASPICE, POSIX, QNX, C/C++, CAN, CANoe, CANalyzer, CANape, Tracer32 -Lauterbach, RTOS, Embedded C, Embedded Linux, SPI , ETHERNET, BSW configuration, PTC Integrity, VectorCast, SAFe, SCRUM, GIT, SVN, Python, Jira, Bitbucket, Gptp, U-boot, Embedded Linux, Docker, Jenkins, UML, SysML, FOTA, Yocto, Some/IP