The complexity of cars is increasing, making it increasingly difficult to locate errors and faults. That is why it is necessary to have full traceability and logs of all busses in vehicles, in order to be able to analyze the errors later.

We have a multiplatform system for the real time acquisition of data of all the different components of the car. We provide development, technical support, and integration services.

As automotive technology advances, the capacity of classic busses falls short. For this reason, Ethernet begins to penetrate the domain of the car with BroadR-Reach & 1000BaseT. Cars must adapt their systems to these new standards and integrate them into their new ECUs.

As a result, new opportunities have appeared such as the combination of standard buses like CAN, LIN and Flexray with this new technology, or the implementation of Security and Fail operational to comply with safety and security standards.

At Silicon Gears we provide experience and consulting to solve these new challenges.

With the introduction of ADAS in automobiles, the complexity of ECUs is growing exponentially, creating new challenges that classic systems can not solve.

It is necessary to introduce multiple microcontrollers, along with new operating systems such as VxWorks, QNX, Integrity or Linux, in addition to AUTOSAR.

We offer engineering and consulting services in the development of these systems. Services range from board bring-up and driver development, to programming and integration of applications.

While security is a well-known problem in IT, in the automotive world this issue has not yet been addressed due to the fact that the automotive industry was not using standard buses and was rarely connected to the Internet.

As soon as ADAS and Ethernet connect a car to the Internet and then connect to their surroundings, vehicle attack vectors grow exponentially, with the additional problem that attackers are already seasoned with years of IT experience.

Silicon Gears does security consulting, helping automotive companies to implement protection strategies against attacks using common (and not so common) methods.