Your Role:

As a Security engineer you will analyse security requirements and develop security mechanisms for the automotive industry.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Analyse customer requirements and contrast them against state of the art technology
  • Perform vulnerability test and report the results
  • Analyse software architectures and provide input to provide security prior to the implementation
  • Document and write technical manuals of the delivered software

Skills to Make the Difference:

We are looking for a professional with experience in:

  • Penetration testing (black & white box), fuzz testing, intrusion detection systems
  • Security by design
  • C/C++ programming
  • Secure communications & PKI
  • Mid-to-full stack knowledge of network protocols (Ethernet, TCP/IP, GSM/UMTS)
  • Secure software update procedures
  • English fluency! All our customers are outside Spain

Other skills that we value:

  • Experience in secure software implementation & defensive programming
  • Experience with general microcontroller development (bootloaders, debuggers, asm) and secure microcontrollers (HSM, TPM, privileged execution environments)
  • Knowledge of industrial buses (CAN, RS-232, LIN, FlexRay…)

Why Join Silicon Gears?

  • Development in the cutting edge automotive areas
  • Professional development
  • Challenges
  • Flexible schedule
  • Paid extra hours or vacation in exchange
  • Experienced team
  • Free delicious coffee!